Guardian Protective Technologies (GPT) is a world leader in shock mitigation and blunt force protection.  We specialize primarily in head protection for Military, Federal Law Enforcement, and multiple athletic markets.  Our military products include improved suspension and retention systems for combat helmets, personal body armor, blast and mine resistant seating systems and retrofit cushion systems.

     Our sporting goods product offerings provide enhanced protection, comfort, and wearability.  These products include football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, and many others.  These products cover youth aged athletes all the way up to the professional athlete.  We don’t manufacture entire helmets.  We design and manufacture very specialized padding systems that work in conjunction with existing helmets and other protective equipment designs.

      We work closely with the original equipment manufacturers to provide a protective layer that significantly improves the protection and comfort of their existing product lines.  Alternatively, we manufacture retrofit solutions that the end user can install into their own equipment.  Typically, our products will improve the level of protection of an existing product by 60% or greater.